About Venkon

Venkon Corp – Website, Blog, Email

Venkon provides clients with highly effective and custom-tailored solutions for all information security challenges that different types of organizations and businesses face on a daily basis.

Venkon’s services include:

  • Application security
  • Corporate security
  • Cloud security
  • IT Risk and Compliance


As a company providing IT Security and Compliance services worldwide, Venkon has a global audience with a majority in North America, UK, and Europe.

Our target audience includes the following professions:

  • IT Admin professionals in charge of application development and security
  • Security VPs seeking for the best security practices
  • CIOs interested in moving their business operations to the cloud and managing the cloud infrastructure.
  • Small business owners looking for cost-effective IT risk and compliance services

Brand Tone and Voice

Submissions are expected to be in tandem with our brand tone and voice.

They should ideally be:

  • Clearly written, human readable, and direct to the point
  • On relevant IT Security and Compliance topics
  • Confidently written from an industry expert perspective
  • Free from metaphors and other colorful jargon that derail the message of your article
  • We only accept content that’s relevant to our industry and audience.
  • Any quotes or references used in your content should have a meaningful purpose in the post and not be used as an opportunity to get a link back to your company page. Thin quotes and their links will be removed.

Style Guide and Structure

Read Venkon’s style and structure guide before pitching or writing your piece and always use it as a reference to guide your writing. You will receive the style guide if your pitch is accepted.

Here are a few important points to remember:

  • Always use American English spelling and vocabulary
  • We like the Oxford comma
  • Capitalize names of products and places
  • Provide a link/hyperlink to all reference pages you mention in your article
  • Link to authority websites as reference when possible

Article Structure

Unless stated otherwise, your article should include the following sections:

An Introduction

  • Provide a strong reason why the reader should read your article
  • How different is your story from the rest?
  • Do you have some key data or research to share with our audience?

Article Body

Break long blocks of texts using

  • Lists
  • Call to Action (CTAs)
  • Short paragraphs of 4 or fewer sentences
  • Subheadings and related sections


Provide a summary of the key points and connect them to the introduction. You can also include a CTA in the conclusion telling the reader where to go next.

Acceptable CTAs

  • Downloads of valuable content such as a relevant report, eBook, guide, whitepaper, etc.
  • Webinar or live event registration link
  • Free demo linking to a sign-up page

Unacceptable CTAs

  • Calls to visit your landing page or website
  • Requests to follow you or your company on social media
  • Social profile links
  • Your company’s contact details

Article Length or Word Count

We only accept articles with a minimum word count of 1,000 to 1,500 words.

Benefits of Writing for Us

  • 1 backlink to your website in the content
  • Your Author Bio with a link back to your website or blog
  • Traffic from our audience

Article Submission

Please submit your pitch via email to: info@venkon.us


Can I post my article elsewhere such as my LinkedIn profile or website?

The article will be published exclusively on our blog. We won’t accept articles already published elsewhere. However, you can link the published article to social media profiles using the "share" button.

What are your quality standards?

We expect high-quality content for our blog. We have zero tolerance for plagiarism and any article that fails our test for originality will be rejected. Perfect grammar is a must as well.

Have any more questions? Drop us an email with your questions or concerns and we’ll be happy to help.