The increasing number of cybersecurity threats and data loss incidents has made it imperative for both small and large organization to conduct frequent penetration tests to identify and mitigate cybersecurity threats. It is always a good idea to hire a group of expert bug hunters to test the integrity of your information security system now and then. A simulated attack is the best way to identify hidden vulnerabilities in your security infrastructure. This is where a red team comes in.  

What is Red Teaming in Cybersecurity?

We often hear of “red” phrases such as Red Alert, Red Flag, and a lot of other ‘red’ words that call to mind images of danger. Just like you would imagine, a Red Team in cybersecurity is the ultimate team of security experts capable of invading and compromising the security of an organization. The key objective of such an invasion is to identify weaknesses or vulnerabilities that a real-life hacker would exploit to gain access to the organization’s IT system.

Red Teaming involves a full-scale attack simulation designed to find out how well the organization's staff, network, applications, and other physical security controls can withstand a real-life attack. It is like a penetration test on steroids. In layman terms, Red Teaming is an ethical hacking method often done without the knowledge of your staff and other stakeholders to determine how your company would survive if attacked by real hackers.

How Does Red Team Work?

The Red Team of cybersecurity experts will use all avenues to gain access to the organization’s secure data, top secrets, and other information assets. They will launch the simulated attack by all means including social engineering, digital hacking, and physical intrusion if necessary. This is often done without the knowledge of your staff. The Red Team will help you to expose risks and vulnerabilities related to technology, people, and physical structures or installations such as data centers, warehouses, substations, offices and many more.

Why Conduct a Red Team Security Assessment?

The security of your company or an organization is vital for your day to day operations. It is even more critical in staying compliant to data security regulations such as PCI DSS and HIPAA. It is therefore essential to hire a Red Team security service to run thorough tests on the strength and integrity of your security system and address any vulnerability identified in the process.

Here are some of the critical reasons to let an expert Red Team test your security posture:

1.      To Test the Security Competence

The Red Team Security will use high tech methods and tactics to test the ability of your security system to withstand a real-life attack. They’ll asses your network to identify weaknesses in a more professional way than your in-house security personnel. After the attack, the team will give you a detailed report on the state of your security and recommendations on how and what needs to be improved. This will help you to understand the actual position of your security system in the face of a real attack.

2.      To Avoid Future Attacks

After a successful simulated attack, the Red Team security experts will identify vulnerabilities and point them out to you to help you better understand the kind of loopholes that exist in your security system. They will also come up with recommendations on how to seal the identified holes and avoid future attacks from real hackers.

3.      To Protect Your Information Assets

The Red Team security will help your company or organization to protect its information assets better. They'll help you gain a deeper insight into the methods currently being used by cyber attackers. When you have security knowledge from an attacker's point of view, you'll be better prepared to secure your company's valuable assets.

4.      To Achieve Security Compliance Certifications

Data-loss and security flaws are now a significant offense for any business that collects, processes, transmits, and stores customer personal and financial information. There are data security bodies that enforce industry regulations and compliance standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and many more. A security flaw or vulnerability in your company could lead to customer data loss and make you liable to hefty penalties. Penetration tests done by professional Red Team security experts help you to identify and address existing weaknesses and achieve your industry’s compliance certification.  


Red Teaming is a significant activity that every organization should consider running now and then. Whether you are running a small business or a large multinational, you will always be one step ahead in your security posture when your security system is designed from an intruder’s perspective. That’s exactly what Red Teaming is all about.